38. Herd by Karolina Bielawska [forthcoming]
37. Gardening Beneath a Falling Piano by Simon Moreton [forthcoming]
36. Serpentine by Tara K. Shepersky, paintings by Lucy Bellwood [forthcoming]
35. Cracked Shells by Dimitra Charamandas
34. Combustion Suite by Duhita Cori Kresge, drawings by Sanya Kantarovsky
33. Notes from a Polish Allotment by Alex Rossiter
32. Coffeepots by Alex Rossiter
31. Bloom & Doom by Murat Cem Mengüç
30. Warm Mother Cold Mother by Anna Orłowska
29. Bedhead by Eleonora Marton
28. Hardtail Harvest by Sara Dian, cover drawing by Nhatt Nichols
27. Ogrodnictwo na trudne czasy. Ćwiczenia z permakultury w Europie Środkowej [Gardening in an Age of Hardship: Exercises in Permaculture for Central Europe] by Marek Styczyński [in Polish only]
(14*) 2nd printing of This Party of the Soft Things by Nhatt Nichols
26. Hem by Misa Asanuma
25. Hands & Feet of Friends & Family by Helen Korpak

24. The Stoneware Jug by John Porcellino and Stefan Lorenzutti, co-edition with Nieves and Spit and a Half
23. Slippage by Selcan Peksan, drawings by Maja Daneková
22. Melted Stars by Oscar CHAN Yik Long
21. The Endless Loop in My Mind by Seçil Koman
20. Demanding the Room by Dylan Angell, drawings and paintings by Mark He
(12*) 2nd printing of Tell the Turning by Tara K. Shepersky, drawings by Lucy Bellwood
19. Blue in Bosa by Marco Antonini
18. Light grey blue folds me open like a book by Maike Hemmers
17. Bundle by Linus Bonduelle and Pommelien Koolen
16. Greenwriting by Katy Bentall

15. Antique Skies by Johan Österholm
14. This Party of the Soft Things by Nhatt Nichols
13. At Tremendous Dam: Some Poems 2014–2021 by Stefan Lorenzutti, cover painting by Olive Findlay
12. Tell the Turning by Tara K. Shepersky, drawings by Lucy Bellwood
11. Kitchen (GRR92) by Ingo Giezendanner
10. REMMUS by Mikołaj Moskal
9. She Threw the Rope & Pulled the Lake (Alina said, Anita drew) / İpi Atmış, Gölü Çekmiş (Alina söyledi Anita çizdi) by Alina Asan and Anita Sezgener, bilingual English/Turkish edition
8. The Pleasures of Empty Lots: Scenes of Istanbul 2015–2016 by Efe Murad, cover painting by Can Aytekin
7. A Promenade at Home by Sevinç Çalhanoğlu, cover painting by Ürün Ünal
6. Sweaty Leaves by Petter Dahlström Persson

5. My Life in Curves Recently by Sevinç Çalhanoğlu

Up until this point, Bored Wolves was what Stefan called his poetry books; after this point, Bored Wolves pivots to publishing a range of poets and artists.
4B. Whiz (comic-poem print) by John Porcellino and Stefan Lorenzutti
4. The Dollmaker by Stefan Lorenzutti, cover drawing by Antonina Gugała

3. Tyrannosaurus Rest by Stefan Lorenzutti, drawings by Anna Pipes, comic-poem by Joey Perr and Stefan Lorenzutti

2. Great Known by Stefan Lorenzutti, cover drawing by Jeremy Schneider

1. Cedar Toothpick: The Tomboy Dioramas by Stefan Lorenzutti, drawings by Laurent Le Deunff

0. Cedar Toothpick by Stefan Lorenzutti, cover drawings by Michelle Lorenzutti


Late 2010
In a tenement apartment in Kraków, on a chilly October morning, Stefan Lorenzutti, bored but inspired, announces he is going to do something in life called Bored Wolves, and boredom shall be forever banished.


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