Bored Wolves books being shaped, 2023–

Alicja Bielawska, The Edge of the Vessel at the Height of My Mouth, drawings

Joanna Burdzel, Exorcisms (mruczy rozum spławiony), poems, in English and translated from the Polish

Allie Rigby, Moonscape for a Child, poems, drawings by Julia Rigby

Tomás Cisternas, Puddles, comix, translated from the Spanish by Michelle Alperin and Stefan Lorenzutti

Linda Lach, drawings, co-edition with JEDNOSTKA Gallery

Magdalena Starska, zine, dye and pigment on textile

Karolina Bielawska, Herd, drawings and paintings

Murat Cem Mengüç, Monument for a Hummingbird, drawings and watercolors

Luluwa Lokhandwala, zine, drawings

Noura Alsouma, zine

Betül Şefika, zine, drawings

Katy Bentall, For the Love of Seasticks, zine, drawings, co-edition with Punnet Press

Katy Bentall, Rockwork, zine, drawings, co-edition with Punnet Press

Simon Moreton, Gardening Beneath a Falling Piano, zine, prose, poetry, collage

Dimitra Charamandas, On the Edge, translated from the German, prose poetry, paintings, drawings

Minjee Hwang Kim, drawings, paintings

Tara K. Shepersky, Serpentine, poems, drawings by Lucy Bellwood

Nico Lund, Drawing Clouds, drawings, prose

Ürün Ünal, Up Left Right Down, paintings

Alexandra Keramidas, Vestibular Training, poems, zine

Eva Tuschman, BodyWork, poems, drawings, paintings, co-edition with Firehouse Press

Felix Dahlström Persson, Thermos, recipes, drawings, unrelated-related photographs

Joe Fletcher, Jenny Haniver, novella, cover drawing by Tomás Cisternas

Shelley Chamberlin and Nhatt Nichols, zine

Sevinç Çalhanoğlu and Selcan Peksan, editors, Turkish poetry zine

Stefan Lorenzutti and John Porcellino, A Peppermint Dream, children’s board book, words by Stefan, illustrations by John, co-edition with Spit and a Half

Efe Murad, An Organ of Quality, poems, translated from the Turkish by Murat Nemet-Nejat

Halah Khan

Mark He, zine of posters for poetry readings

Antonina Gugała, Things I Can’t Remember, drawings

Joey, Cartoon Graveyard, comix

Tanja Schwarz, drawings

Mariadonata Villa, Fireflies, poems

Wah-Ming Chang and Shih-Ming Chang, Hand, Held, prose, drawings, paintings

Selcan Peksan, There Is a Cave, poems, translated from the Turkish by Anna Wood

Oscar CHAN Yik Long, My Body Is Populated By Organs, drawings

Daniela Molnar, Light / Remains, prose, poetry, cyanotypes

Louise Steinman, prose, drawings

Anne Germanacos

Gabriel N. Gee, Motionless Cities, prose, city walks

Alex Rossiter, Bread and Houses, Or, How I Came to Know the Parks of East Bristol, prose

Katy Bentall, Promenade Pearls, drawings, watercolors, poems and prose poems

Nhatt Nichols, Morels, prose, drawings

Anita Sezgener, poems, translated from the Turkish

Wojciech Kozielski, I Served the Pricks of England and Other Stories, prose, translated from the Polish by Scotia Gilroy, drawings by Agnieszka Grzegorczyk

Stefan Lorenzutti, Great Known Haibundle (Great Known second edition), prose and poems, drawings by Matéa Palévody


A note on manuscripts: Bored Wolves is currently not accepting submissions. Which we regret! But as we are presently developing three dozen books, to be published through 2025, we simply cannot consider new projects for the foreseeable future.


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